Event: Euro IC 1:10 track 200 mm


Date: 14.-17.08. 2019

Monday and Tuesday (12 - 13 August 2019) is the track to train open from 9 - 19 clock without further fees. 


Track: Our track is suitable for 1/10, 1/8 and 1/5 onroad RC Cars (electric and gas powered)


Surface: Asphalt top coating


Lap Distance: 210 Mtr


Track Width: 4 Mtr


Start Grid: 10 positions


Facilities: Drivers platform – Pitlane ‐ Paddock with 230VAC and monitor displaying–

Air Compressor – Race Control Room – Live Laptiming (Mylaps Speedhive) ‐ Clubhouse


Registration:  We use MyRCM for registration and live timing during our events.


Tires: Shepperd Micro Racing, as the official tire supplier of this event, will be available on all days.

RC Racing TV: The CTRL Team will be at the track live screening the EC as well as MYRCM doing the live timings.


Race Officials:

Race Director: Peter Reichelsdörfer (DMC – EFRA)

Referee 1: Javier Garcia (EFRA)

Referee 2: Thomas Mayer (DMC)

Timekeeper: Hartmut Wenzel (Türkheim e.V.)

Technical Inspector: Hans Eschler & Beat Stadler (Switzerland)